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Eyes of Blue

Alan in 'Eyes of Blue'. A man seeks guidance from a counsellor to find the perfect woman. The diagnosis is mot to his liking - that he's more interested in cars.

Eyes of Blue

ITV National Weather

As Lionel, in the ITV NATIONAL WEATHER sponsored by POWERGEN idents. Powergen, Jon Greenhalgh.

The Wizard Of Oz

As the Lion, The Wizard Of Oz, Spillers Pantomimes, Bev Berridge. As the Cowardly Lion, who finds his courage by morphing into Tony Blair taking on the WMD, Witches of Mass Destruction...

Angry Boss, Leerdammer Cheese

Angry Boss, Leerdammer Cheese commerical, Y&R Paris for Bel Groupe

Les, in The Greek Man From Pakistan

Les, Working Class Dad, Greek Man From Pakistan, film by Snakehead Productions, Nick Pierre.

Playing with 'Inflo' & members of the LPO

with 'Inflo' and members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall on film music night. A collaboration with trumpeters Ashley Thomas and Paul Beniston

Football Manager (Naked), Nike Store

Football Manager (Naked), Nike Store, Poke, Jim Gilchrist

Jenson in the 'Invizimals' for the Sony Playstation

Jenson in the 'Invizimals' for the Sony Playstation, directed by Julian Kemp

Blue Square Bet, as Irate Football Manager

Blue Square Bet. Role: Irate Football Manager. Director: Theo Delaney

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